During the summer of 2014 the first edition of the internship program "Together in the Future" took place. 26 young peoplewere enrolled in administrative and engineering trainee programs at 4 of Bulgartabac's companies (Bulgartabac Holding, Sofia BT, Blagoevgrad BT and Pleven BT.) The duration of the internships varies from 3 months and 6 months, up to a year. Below, you can find more information about the Internship program "Together in the Future" and opinions of some of the participants.

Antoaneta Tsankova

UNWE , Economics of Trade

Bulgartabac Holding, Sales Bulgaria

Internship period: 6 months

Daniel Virchev

Technical University - Sofia , Computer Systems and Technologies

Sofia-BT, Information Services

Internship period: 1 month

Emil Stefanov

University of Reading , Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

Bulgartabac Holding, Developed Markets Trade

Internship period: 1 year

Evgeni Doynov

UFT - Plovdiv , Tobacco Technology and Tobacco products

Pleven-BT, Production and Technical Directorate

Internship period: 3 months

Georgi Kolev

UNWE , Human Resources Economy

Bulgartabac Holding, Human Resources

Internship period: 3 months

Iren Ivanova

D. A Tsenov Academy of Economics , International Economic Relations

Bulgartabac Holding, Leaf Selling Unit

Internship period: 3 months

Sara Kostova

UNWE , Finance

Bulgartabac Holding, Finance Controlling

Internship period: 3 months

Vesselina Stoyneva

UCTM – Sofia , Chemical Technologies

Blagoevgrad-BT, Laboratory

Internship period: 3 months

Victor Krustev

Technical University – Ruse

Blagoevgrad-BT, Measuring and Control Devices and Automation Sector

Violeta Buchinska

New Bulgarian University , Finance

Bulgartabac Holding, Supply and Administration Department

Internship period: 3 months