Have you thought about your future?

You are a university student or have graduated recently and you intend to start your career in a company that is willing to support your professional development. We have a great proposition for you. Join our team.

Why Bulgartabac?

Your participation in the internship program of Bulgartabac will grant you a chance to gain an insight into the company and see how it operates, will enable you to implement your theoretical knowledge acquired at university, allow you to accumulate work experience and become a part of a leading team in one of the most successful companies in Bulgaria.

The Program

otnosno_programata.jpg What plans do you have for the summer? Why not join the internship program of Bulgartabac?

The internship term is 3 months with an extension option of 6 or 12 months. It starts in June and July.

We offer two types of programs: engineering and administrative. Regardless of your choice of program, whether engineering or administrative, you will have the opportunity to develop your career by working on various project implementations and real case solutions. You will have an individual work plan that you will need to complete. An experienced co-worker will act as your mentor and will assist you in fulfilling your tasks.
The entire internship term will be paid for.
The company organizes summer and all-year-round engineering and administrative programs that conform to business needs and university students’ time availability (full-time or flexible working hours).

The interns will be able to observe the work of our professional engineers, to learn about the latest technologies for cigarette production applied in our factories and to work on their own project.

Engineering Programs​Administrative Programs
Technology Finances
Tobacco and Tobacco Items Technology Marketing; Trade; Sales
Quality and Technology Control and Laboratory ​Financial Control, Invoice Control
Measuring and Inspection Devices and Automatics ​Logistics
Research and Development. ​Accounting
Power Production Information Technology and Systems
  Human Resources
  Corporate and Investor Relations


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The companies within Bulgartabac Group to host interns in 2014 are:


  •  Bulgartabac Holding AD
  •  Sofia-BT AD
  •  Blagoevgrad-BT AD
  •  Pleven-BT AD

Internship Term

In general, the internship program comprises three stages:


  •  Introduction: Interns orientation within the company, its organizational structure, company culture and work procedures;
  •  Project work: As part of a work plan devised in advance;
  •  Review and assessment: The implementation level of project assigned is assessed with respect to time, quality and efforts.


Whether involved in our Holding, factories or commercial enterprise operations, students will acquire a profound knowledge of the Group, its corporate culture, values, business processes and opportunities. Interns will be able to observe the work within the department they are assigned to and to participate in the various initiative, activities, work meetings and discussions. All interns will be invited to attend training courses delivered by experts and managers of key units. They will learn about operations and interconnections of various organizational units. This will permit them to match the knowledge acquired at the university with the practical aspects of the work performed. Interns will participate in diverse company initiatives and events, as well as in a team building exercise intended specifically for them.
Internship program finalization will be marked by an event to be designed and arranged for by the interns.


As part of the internship program of Bulgartabac, participants will have the opportunity to:


  • Lay the foundations of their career in a company that is a leader in the Bulgarian cigarette market
  • Gain professional experience and learn about business processes in contemporary organizations
  • Work on an individual project supported by a mentor
  • Partake in work meetings and discussions on specific topics
  • Choose the specific time to do their internship
  • Work on a full-time basis, 40 hours a week, or opt for flexible working hours
  • Receive a proposal for a long-term employment in the company

Our Interns

  • University students in Bachelor and Masters programs in leading Bulgarian and foreign universities
  • Graduate students with high study achievements
  • Fluent in English language, both written and spoken
  • Excellent MS Office literacy; engineers are required to be skilled in technical applications
  • Ambitious, motivated, open to novelties, confident and purposeful



Would you like to be part of our team?

Selection stages:

1. Application submission

Send your application for a particular position vacancy or in case you cannot find the area you wish to develop in, fill in the electronic application form, attach your CV and motivation letter, and should you choose to, references, letters of recognition and certificates indicating your participation in contests, courses, seminars, projects, etc. Identify the professional area you are interested in and the company at which you would like to have your internship.

2. Telephone interview

The telephone interview is used by us to confirm your interest, to receive more information about your application and to verify some details related to the internship program.

3. Testing

We use various test forms to evaluate specific knowledge and competences not made obvious during the interview. This selection process stage is not mandatory for all positions. Applicants will be informed in advance about the need to sit for a test.

4. Interview

Any intern who passes successfully the previous selection process stages will be invited for an interview. It will be held with a Human Resources Department representative and the Head of the unit the student has applied for.

5. Proposal to participate in the internship program of Bulgartabac

Congratulations! Interns who have passed successfully all selection stages will receive a proposal to join our internship program.