Video Interview

Do you know what a video interview is all about?

If not, now you have the chance to learn more about this type of service – a video interview in a test environment – allowing you to prepare for that potential employer invitation. If, however, you have already made this type of video on your own, but you would like to record a new one so that you can observe for yourself the way you sound and appear, then you might take advantage of the test version.

Video interview service has the potential of becoming a standard stage in a new recruitment and selection process. At Bulgartabac, we put this sort of new idea into practice because we aim to optimize and improve our work processes.

You may record your test video interview in your own time and in a setting of your choice. What you need is the Internet, a webcam, and the latest Flash version. Interview questions are generated randomly. After recording your interview, you will receive a link to it that is accessible to you only. You may wish to share it with friends and hear their views and advice to help you perform better in the course of a real-time video interview recording.

Prepare your video interview today!