Wе help together

June 19, 2013, 1:56 p.m.

Bulgartabac is a socially responsible company, which supports multiple causes and projects, aimed at stimulating talented and enterprising people, helps risk groups and contributes to resolving some hot public issues.

We all help together. During the last few months we joined again various initiatives thereby contributing to a better organized, more beautiful and healthier Bulgaria.

We provided help for:

  • The construction of a combined public play-and-training ground adapted also for children with special needs; 
  • The realization of the children’s festival “I Believe in You”, which will take place on 01-02 June 2013 in Sofia City;
  • We supported SOS children’s villages in the provision of family-type care to children in need;
  • We bought for the Home for Medical and Social Childcare, town of Silistra, a universal positioning system, pediatric positioning system, baby walker, an ultrasound therapeutic device, as well as a verticalizer and therapeutic chair; 
  • Bulgartabac also supports the activity of various institutions and persons from the field of art and culture, among which are the National Museum of Bulgarian Art, the National Institute of Archaeology and its museum with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, etc.

We also donated 1,000 waste baskets, allocated to 5 Bulgarian municipalities, thus contributing to a cleaner and more beautiful Bulgaria.

The successful business development is irrevocably related to the development of the social environment. Bulgartabac understands the corporate social responsibility not as a charity work but as an investment in the present and future. Such responsibility reveals our attitude towards the world and our understanding of the long-term commitment to the stable development of the business and the society.