Be open

We believe in the energy and passion of our people          

  • In change as a condition of growth
  • In flexibility as an effective strategy
  • In the diversity that makes us richer

We are modern, responsible and flexible

Be inspiring

We believe in the power of ideas

  • In being inspired by our consumers to create growth
  • In intuition that let us get the whole picture and zoom on the details
  • In listening on what people have to say, which is important for developing new perspectives
  • In the power of imagination, which encourages innovation

We are attentive and intuitive

Be pragmatic

We believe in the ability to imagine and plan the future

  • In the great company we work for and our strong determination
  • In our ability to be focused and make sound decisions based on experience
  • In professionalism and teamwork, which will let us make a huge difference for our company and our community in the long term.

We are active, confident and have initiative.